Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yarrrr...Give Me a'Job or You'll Walk De Plank....

In the current state of misaligned, corrupt political officials; a 'roided up domestic economy and a confused, mercenary war, don’t we all just want some way to get out of reality? Some sort of escapist, childlike world where all pressing urges simply melt away?

Welcome to the McSweeney’s Pirate Store (or the 826 Valencia Store)!

I’ve been working with Scott Louie from 826 Valencia on the McSweeney’s Pirate Store. As Scott says, a job at a Pirate store may be the most fun and most ridiculous experience one can have, vocationally speaking. When I came in yesterday, Scott had just finished ordering a set of pirate candlesticks and was rushing off to grab grocery bags of antique/pirate goods to be cleaned and stocked. A quick to-do list from the evening:

Clean out squeaky puffer fish from drawers. Destroy them.

Make handle for trapdoor in the floor, hiding rattlesnake.

Make second trapdoor from ceiling (see entry from July 25, 2005)

Put corks on forks.

Clean porthole mirror.

Scope out drawers to make most-excellent pop-up skeleton hand.

More to come on the pop-up skeleton hand…


Rich JC said...

well shiver me timbers. fuck you if thats all true. oooo. it makes a man so angry. look, me parrots flown away. what aren't you gonna do? damn pirate.

what happened to the ninjas, coog? remember them? your buddies?

Coogan said...

Must you really ask?

That's my brother who gets stole about 2/3s of the way through the video.