Friday, November 30, 2007

A wish to return to darkness, a political view at the functionings of a black market

All Readers--

I've been going through the reddit and digg categories this evening and found a hilarious story. It testifies to the ridiculous of the American dollar, the sogginess of professional life and hatred of a necessary sin, debt. To illustrate what I mean, check out this breaking story I just glanced at on reddit.

What tender flesh the American economy reveals when the rest of the world goes to bed. When we laugh joyously in our drawing-room ridiculousness, and the felicity and recklessness of the outside world. Do we recognize our motives and desires for the future that must go forward and toward a greater goal? Toward that nugget of truth that exists not outside ourself, rather within our crowned glory of logic. The impermeable truth, the bright shining start lighting our way towards nothingness, where all we need to shift our focus slightly.

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