Friday, October 05, 2007

Episode 2: That Flaming Bag? It's Poop.

Episode 1

A Seriously Troubling Advancement:

Police: Possible Oak Grove Link to Van Fire

UC police are investigating a possible arson attack on a police van outside Sproul Hall yesterday morning that they said may be connected with the protest at the oak grove near Memorial Stadium.

Police said they think someone poured flammable liquid on the back of the van and lit it on fire, which destroyed the back of the vehicle and some of the upholstery inside.


Police received a tip Sept. 23 that the man may have threatened to throw a Molotov cocktail­—a glass bottle containing gasoline fuel that explodes when the fuse is lit—at a UCPD police car.


No one was injured in the fire and no arrests were made in connection with the incident, according to the statement.


“This is certainly in the interest of the university to have a link to the tree- sit,” RunningWolf said. “We have had no incidences for 307 days and for the first time we get to have an opportunity with the judge, it’s smeared with that van.”

Police are waiting for results from a laboratory that could link the liquid on the van with ingredients typically found in a Molotov cocktail.

--Jane Shin, Daily Californian

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