Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Graphic Content

Here is some graphic stuff I've been working on.

The first is a piece done for U.S. Campaign for Burma, specifically the 88 Coalition at Columbia. It's in response to the uprising that recently occurred in Burma, known as The Saffron Revolution.

Second, a simple screenprint piece:

Last, a bit of political philosophy and historical relativism:




trozz said...

Arresting images...congratulations!

A bit of background on Daw Aung San Suu Kuyi?

Coogan said...

hey ma, you should click the hyperlink on her name. she's the symbolic leader of the democratic movement in burma and the only nobel peace prize laureate under house arrest!

Carolina said...

there's something really haunting in her smile, especially rising from the dark--gentle, but almost tired.

Coogan said...

caroline, what do you think about the second piece?

Carolina said...

I think it's really captivating, visually. The shade of blue is not only pleasing, but particularly appropriate for the meaning. I'm not sure I would wear it on a shirt, though, simply because, if I'm interpreting the meaning correctly, it takes a bit of time to think about this image and the brevity with which one would view the image, combined with the shock factor associated with the word "terror" might keep the viewer from processing it thoughtfully. That said, the design might be captivating enough so that it would stay in your mind long enough to think about it. I think you'd get very mixed reactions. It's an incredibly powerful message. What do you think?