Monday, October 08, 2007

YBATRIP, ahead of The Times.

Loyal readers,

You will probably not be surprised by this article in today's New York Times if you read this article.

It seems Google is poised to present a new mobile phone to the market. A few brief reflections:

1) I pray the "iPhone" is replaced by the "GPhone" if only to kill, once and for all, the horrendous, perpetual prefix currently crazing every fucking portable device I see in stores. Like, say, an iToaster.

2) Of course Verizon and AT&T would be pissed. Competition from a competent provider? I daresay that's heresy in the United States!

3) Hopefully, a mobile phone provided by Google would compliment its American, male, GOOG.411 automated voice with a support system of American, male automated voices and lay the death blow to another enraging, and discriminatory, phenomenon: The female (sometimes cheekily British) automated voice.

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