Monday, December 10, 2007

BOUNTY HUNT: The Chamber

Hey readers,

I'm looking for clips from a show called "The Chamber". It aired briefly on Fox. From Wikipedia:

The show featured contestants answering questions while strapped into a torture chamber.

More here.

More from the google:

5. "The Chamber"

The Chamber, which aired on FOX in January of 2002, was another oddity that tried to entertain at the expense of its contestants. The Chair on ABC was often compared to this little gem. Each player was strapped into a "chamber" and forced to endure intense heat and cold, as well as other distractions such as falling tacks or gusts of wind. As the contestant braved the chamber, host Rick Schwartz would ask them quiz questions that they had to answer. Contestants were also hooked up to heart and blood pressure monitors, and had a pre-determined "Danger" zone which they could not pass for more than 20 seconds on the monitors. The Chamber fared even worse than The Chair, with a total run of a mere three episodes before viewers had had enough.

Part of my fascination with thriller game-shows along with Conspiracy Theories!

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bufar said...

I'm dying to see of clip of this as well. I saw one episode of "The Chair", a similar game show on ABC that involved less inherent torturing, and was disgusted enough. I never thought there would be something too inhumane for the internet, but I believe "The Chamber" has crossed that line.