Thursday, December 06, 2007

Paul McCartney Mauled by Ex-Girlfriends, Michael Jackson

NEW YORK, New York (NY) -- Arts in Short -- Sir Paul McCartney was feverishly beaten by ex-beatlemaniacs now former wives of the royal knight, as he visited the campus of Columbia University. Joining in the fray was Michael Jackson (MJ, to some), who uttered not a single understandable word, deciding rather to grip his genitals as he smartly toe-tapped the Cute Beatle's nutsack.

"You know," McCartney said in between blows to his kidneys from his former friend and wives, "John got out easy--faking your death is the way to go." This was all he could get out before being kicked in the testes by the King of Pop.

No surprise, right? Columbia has long been the object of love and hate. It's surprising this hasn't been picked up yet.

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