Saturday, December 22, 2007

"VP Chuck Norris agrees to 'hunt and kill' Osama himself"

Could this be a headline in the near future?

I've written here before about the possibility of
Oprah becoming Barack's running mate.
No doubt whoever wins the nomination from either party will need to have a certain amount of bang and flare. Fred Thompson has gotten significant heat for being dull and the press traditionally brings up the most meticulous details.

In our modern age of the spectacle, those desiring power use status symbols to convey electability. As entertainment and politics become more closely intertwone (not just domestic politics, as Steven Speilberg shows), presidential candidates search for methods of attracting attention to their message.

Hence comes my increasingly bizarre coupling of presidential candidates with celebrities-cum-running-mates, as per our paparazzi-addicted population.

The Huck-Chuck Phenomenon

A second ad that ran in Iowa

Chuck Norris has achieved a rare status in society. He continues to be the same person he was in 1986 with "Chuck Norris: Karate Kommando," in 1993 as Walker, Texas Ranger and Dodgeball, with only increasing popularity. It seems to me part of it comes from the conservative core value of taking nothing for granted and fighting for oneself.

His sincere performances from the past are viewed today through our modern lens of ironic criticism. Absurd lists have blossomed on the internet. The Huckabee ads focus mainly on these facts, juxtaposed with Huckabee facts.

Will celebrity running-mates be inevitable? Will it lead to a public cacophony and (dare I say) discussion of the issues? Or just funny photoshop pictures.

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